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Randy Seibel
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Look for Randy's third release later this Fall

New and Used came out in early 2003.  Most of the songs on this CD were penned on the road, and a good deal of that longing to be home comes through in the lyrics.  More than anything else he's done, this CD affords the listener a look into what makes Randy who he is.  From the desolation of "Desert Moon" to the raw agression of "Too Much Hat", this CD takes you on a ride you wont soon forget!


1. Best moments

2. Too Much Hat

3. Down to a Crawl

4. White Picket Fence

5. Mr. wurlitzer

6. Desert Moon

New and Used
Randy Seibel; Lead and harmony vocals,rhythm guitar, bass guitar,mandolin
Grant Mclellan; Lead guitar, electric/rhythm guitars
Brian Temple; Drums, harmony vocals
Calvin Kalyniuk; Rhythm guitar
Rodrigo figueroa; Spanish guitar
Glenn Gark; Harmony vocals
Mark Eikland; Keyboards
Alexander townend; Flute
Sam Hurrie; Slide guitar
Hugh Schmid; Engineer
Recorded at
Hughmungous Sound

1.   White Picket Fence
2.   Too Much Hat
3.   Down to a Crawl
4.   Best Moments
5.   Breaking Hearts and Horses
6.   Desert Moon
7.   Three Quarter Moon
8.   another Way
9.   Mr. Wurlitzer
10. Cathy Wants a Cowboy
11. Free


Ladies First was recorded in 1996 as a song writing demo.  Only a few hundred copies of this CD were printed and they sold very quickly.  
Randy Seibel; Lead and harmony vocals, Rhythm guitar
Alan thompson; Bass
Bill Cymbala; Drums and Percussion
Roger Smith; Keyboards and Harmony vocals
Paul Laine; Electric and Accoustic rhythm, Keyboards
Holly Silzer; Harmony vocals
Hugh Schmid; Engineer
Recorded at
Pacific Coast Digital Studios
1. Me and Frank
2. Burning Down
3. Three Quarter Moon
4. Midnight
5. Ladies First
6. Bartender
7. One Fine Lady
8. Anita